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You want to make an impact. You want leaders who will listen to your ideas and help you grow as a professional. You want to tackle the problems at the leading edge of media & technology.

Look no further.

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(Server-side programming)

We require a smart back-end developer who can ideate, design & write back-end layers of our product. (Ability is desired over experience)

FRONT-END DEVELOPER (ReactJS, Vue.js, Angular)

If you react positively to the ReactJS framework, apply to the job! Remember, we place more importance on ability than experience.


We require a graphics design with ample Photoshop experience. Any additional skills like Coreldraw, Illustrator are a MAJOR plus.

(React or Vue Native)

We require an app developer who has good experience with the JS frameworks like React Native, Vue Native, or NativeScript.

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What does your ideal workplace look like?

To us, it is a place where people listen to and challenge each other, passionately exchanging ideas to foster their personal growth and build paradigm-shifting technology.

What we are offering you is autonomy: a workplace where you will be given room to learn, be creative, experiment, and take ownership of your ideas, finding your way to your best self and producing your best work.

Your work should be creative and inspiring, and that’s why we take care of our teams. At Planet Marathi, you can bring your whole self to work and leave your mark on the future.

A personal message from our CMD...

"My dream was to build a company WHERE I’d myself love to work...

... I believe that our workplace should be our playground, and we have made concerted efforts to ensure that Planet Marathi is a place where our team feels inspired, engaged, and truly happy!"

Akshay Bardapurkar ‧ C&MD